Facebook the newest boredom filler

The television filled the void for years. Mark Cuban nailed it with this post: http://blogmaverick.com/2010/10/26/the-value-of-your-time-and-how-it-impacts-the-internet-video-vs-traditional-tv-battle/

“Businesses must offer the path of least resistance to their customers. If someone else makes their product easier to buy or use than you, that is when you lose customers the fastest.” Facebook has done just that. They made a seamless product that you have more to lose when you exit the platform then they do.

Your connections, your friends, and your photos all in one place but the mere simple entertainment value of being able to open your browser and scroll endlessly for days on end without having to put any thought into it. Thats the path to the least resistance and has gained a phenomenal amount of ad spend as the boredom filler that Television has championed all of these years.

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